Custom Built U-Shape Drawers

Nice looking, on trend, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is no longer enough for homeowners. They want these spaces to be highly functional and are looking for products that will maximize storage capacity, while adding ease of use and better organization. One area that can be overlooked is the cabinet space under a sink. This location can often be underutilized, resulting in wasted space.

U-Shape Drawers Are a Great Solution!

U-Shape drawers help maximize the cabinet space by having an opening (traditionally in a “U” shape) that fits around the sink plumbing.  Depending on the layout of the pipes, there are a variety of ways that under sink drawers, also known as pipe chase drawers or chase drawers, can be built to maximize the space and provide greater accessibility.

As a custom drawer box manufacturer, Keystone Wood Specialties builds an under-sink drawer to the exact dimensions you need. You won’t have to settle for a standard sized U drawer, and can create a more user-friendly cabinetry configuration for your customer. Our drawers are available as a Premium Dovetailed Drawer Box or Bee-Line Dovetailed Drawer Box.


  1. When plumbing runs through to the bottom of the cabinet, try stacking multiple U drawers to capture more of the available real estate under the sink.
  2. If the plumbing runs through the back wall of the cabinet, try using an under-sink drawer with a deeper standard drawer box below to allow for greater access to items like larger detergent or cleaning solutions bottles.
  3. Create more defined organization that saves time searching for items, by having dividers built into u-shape vanity drawers.

While these types of drawers are typically associated with under sink storage, they can also be effective for many other situations where cabinetry installation must work around items like wall bump outs, load bearing beams, etc.

Keystone Wood Specialties is a wholesale wood components manufacturer, serving the custom cabinet, furniture, and remodeling industries. Orders for U-shape drawer boxes can be placed online, by downloading an order form, or by calling our Customer Service team at 717-299-6288.