Unless otherwise specified, all Keystone wood doors and drawer fronts are guaranteed as follows for five years from the date of our invoice:

SIZE: The size tolerance for the width and height of doors is +/- 1/32”. Polish sanding may decrease the size of a door slightly more than 1/32”.

NOTE: By its nature, wood expands and contracts with different moisture conditions. Some species expand more than others. Even when manufactured within size tolerances, door/drawer components could expand/contract outside of the size tolerances, if moisture levels are not stable and consistent. When ordering doors unfinished, we recommend finishing them immediately to reduce the amount of moisture absorbed by the wood. The affects of expansion/contraction will be more noticeable in wider pieces such as slab drawer fronts or wide rails and stiles.

WARPING: All single panel framed doors up to 24” wide and/or up to 48” high (or long) are guaranteed against warpage of more than 1/8”. All multiple panel doors up to 48” wide and/or up to 72” high (or long) are guaranteed against warpage of more than ¼”. Slab doors (Pro-Cor doors, one piece MDF doors, and Batten Doors) up to 24” wide and/or up to 48” high (or long) are guaranteed against warpage of more than 1/8”. Wood slab doors and drawer fronts with no battens are not guaranteed against warpage.

PANELS: All door and drawer front panels are guaranteed not to split or crack.

RAILS & STILES: All rail and stile joints are guaranteed against glue failure. Joints are not guaranteed against hairline cracks from normal expansion and contraction typical of solid wood.

MITRE JOINTS: Mitre joints are guaranteed against glue failure. Joints are subject to slight opening and closing due to normal expansion and contraction typical of solid wood.

WOOD GRAIN COLOR AND PATTERN: All wood is guaranteed against any structural defects. Grain and color are to be reasonably close to industry standards, unique to the tree it came from, and not “rubber stamped” like imitation wood grain found on printed melamine and other man-made materials. (Please see Wood Species Specifications in our latest price or color catalog.) Products where the grain and color matching of the natural wood is not acceptable to the customer will be replaced at the customer’s expense.

rev. 11.15.22