A simple cabinet door can be customized over a million different ways by specifying different edge profiles, panel raises, framing beads, or finishes. Customizing a door is a matter of seven basic choices.

1. Choose a door design.

2. Choose a framing bead.

3. Choose a panel type.

4. Choose a wood species.

5. Choose a lip/edge profile.

6. Choose a finish.

7. Choose additional options.

For example:


1. Door design: SRP-10

2. Framing bead: Traditional

3. Panel type: regular raise

4. Wood species: select white maple

5. Lip/edge profile: Q-2 edge

6. Finish: unfinished

7. Additional option: bore for European hinges



Learn step by step how to customize your doors using Keystone’s website



Nearly all Keystone doors are available as multi-lite or frame-only doors. For most designs, the mullion profile matches the framing bead. Some exceptions apply. For more designs, visit our Multi-Lite page.



Don’t see what you want? No problem. Keystone specializes in one-of-a-kind custom designs. Visit our Custom Requests page for more information.

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