At Keystone, we pride ourselves on providing everything you need to do what you do best. That includes materials to help you sell to your customers more effectively. Call customer service at 800.233.0289 for more details and to order any of the items below.

Refacing Sales Kit

Sales aids are available individually or as a kit with a sturdy carrying case.

  • Sample doors, drawers, moulding, veneer, and starter color chain
  • Catalogs and color chart
  • Order forms for Keystone products
  • Refacing brochures

The price for your kit will be based on the options you include. Your kit may vary in appearance from what is shown here.

Door Samples & Color Blocks

Order samples of our cabinet doors, as well as color blocks showing all of our fine finishes. Also available are displays and carrying cases to make your job easier. Visit the Door Samples and Color Samples pages of our website for more information.


Customer Service

800.233.0289  |  info@keystonewood.com

Call anytime Monday through Friday, between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm, and you will be greeted by a live, knowledgeable customer service professional.