Get Organized With Specialty Storage Drawers

Home organization continues to be a top trend going into 2024, and homeowners are looking for ways to control their clutter and create more efficient living spaces. One avenue to achieve this is by incorporating specialty drawers, drawer inserts or custom pull-outs into kitchen, bathroom and closet designs. These types of cabinetry components can offer big benefits in terms of ease of use and increasing storage capacity.


5 top reasons to add specialty storage drawers into home remodels.

A place for everything and everything in its place.
Divider drawers or drawer inserts keep the drawers neat, tidy and well organized. Custom drawers with adjustable dividers are especially helpful in providing the flexibility to change the configuration of the drawer as storage needs change.

Ease of use.
Well organized drawers provide a better user experience by saving time looking for things. You can find what you need quickly. Custom pull-out drawers offer the added benefit of transforming your entire cabinet space into one big drawer that quickly and easily brings all your organized items directly to your fingertips.

Protecting valuable items.
Whether it’s expensive cutlery or valuable jewelry, a specialty drawer can help prevent items from being damaged by getting tangled or continually rubbing against each other.

Don’t waste that cabinet space.
Specialty drawers like under sink, U shape drawers utilize storage capacity that might otherwise be wasted. Typically used as vanity drawers under bathroom or kitchen sinks, a U shape drawer can also be used in many different scenarios like fitting around bump outs in walls, piping or other irregular shaped structures. They allow the homeowner to utilize more potential storage areas.

Amp up the aesthetics.
Beyond the efficiency benefits of custom drawer inserts and specialty drawers, they can add a touch of visual interest to your cabinetry. Using a rich wood species for these components like Walnut can also enrich the beauty of your space.


Customization is the key to achieving the full organizational potential of drawers and drawer inserts. Keystone Wood Specialties has a wide range of specialty storage designs that can be custom built to your size, species and configuration needs. We’ll also custom build our wood drawer boxes and inserts based on your drawings.