Pull-Out Shelves are a convenient and very flexible way to organize cabinet space, and the simple design of our X-Series Bracket System by Century makes installation easy.

However, measuring for the correct pilaster and drawer box size is tricky, and mistakes can be costly.

Our Pull-Out Shelves Planning tool can help!


This new tool will make measuring your cabinet space for Pull-Out Shelves, and ordering the correct drawer box size, an easy and streamlined process.

Watch this demo to learn how to use the tool.

Video Timeline

.08 – New Pull-Out Shelves Planning Tool

3:17 – Using The Tool to Determine Pilaster and Drawer Box Sizes

8:27 – Installing Pilaster & Drawer Slides

14:34 – Examples Using Pull-Out Shelves Worksheet

Download Pull-Out Shelves Worksheet

Download Pull-Out Shelves Order Form