Expand Your Capabilities with Cabinet Refacing Training

The cost of a traditional kitchen remodel can be out of reach for many families, but with Cabinet Refacing, the homeowner now has an affordable alternative. Your customers can achieve a new look without the hefty price tag of replacing all the cabinets.

Cabinet Refacing Offers More than Just a Cost Savings

Less Disruption
Since refacing doesn’t involve tearing out old cabinets, the homeowner’s kitchen remains functional throughout the process. There’s less mess and inconvenience compared to a full remodel, making it a more convenient option for busy households.

Time Saving
With cabinet refacing, the existing cabinet boxes remain in place. There’s no need for extensive demolition or construction work, which can significantly shorten the project timeline.

When Does Cabinet Refacing Make Sense

How do you decide whether to reface or completely remodel. If the kitchen meets these three criteria, cabinet refacing could be a great option for the customer:

  • The general layout is desirable (with only minor changes needed).
  • The existing wood cabinets are structurally sound and wood face frames are in reasonably good condition.
  • The cabinets are in a controlled environment (not in a damp basement or garage).

Once you and your customer determine that cabinet refacing is a good option, there are different levels of refacing to consider.

Redoor Only
With this option you would keep the existing cabinet color, but upgrade to new cabinet doors and drawer fronts which are finished to match the existing color. Adding or upgrading the crown moulding can also help refreshen up the overall kitchen design.

Full Exterior
Completely change the color and look of the cabinetry while keeping the existing layout and functionality in place.


Don’t Forget The Inside

Cabinet Refacing is also a great time to improve the function, feel and capacity of the kitchen’s storage by:

  • Switching out old drawer boxes with new drawers and drawer slides
  • Adding drawer inserts like cutlery trays and knife blocks
  • Installing Pull-Out Shelves into existing cabinets
  • Installing under-sink, U-shaped drawers


Expanding Your Capabilities With Cabinet Refacing

Many remodeling contractors are turning to Cabinet Refacing to expand their capabilities and job possibilities. Learning how to reface the correct way makes all the difference in the success of your projects. Keystone Wood Specialties offers hands-on, professional cabinet refacing training.

This one-day class covers:

  • Proven standard industry methods for surface preparation and veneer application
  • Options for corner treatment, end panels, and cabinet bottoms
  • Best practices for applying crown moulding
  • Touch-up techniques
  • Solutions to common problem areas
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Keystone also offers a full scope of materials needed for Cabinet refacing and Cabinet redooring.