SRP-10 Door Design Offers Endless Options

Get the custom cabinet door you want with our SRP-10 design


Our SRP-10 cabinet door design is our most popular and versatile. It’s the cornerstone of our Traditional Door style category and is often ordered with our Traditional Framing Bead and Raised Panel.

But the SRP-10 offers so much more…

The SRP-10 design is also a great starting point for ordering many popular cabinet door styles like Shaker and Mission. This design is fully customizable, giving you the option to choose any Lip/Edge Profile, Framing Bead or Panel Type that we offer. With the SRP-10, you’ll have nearly a million different ways to create the custom cabinet door you want.

Keystone Wood Specialties uses Cope and Stick Construction to build the doors in our SRP design series.  You can choose from any of the wood species we offer, and our SRP doors can also be ordered as a paint grade door by selecting Keystone’s Superior Green Panels. Milled from medium density fiberboard, these panels offer a homogeneous core and smooth, unblemished surface after machining, allowing for easy, dependable finishing and a beautiful end product. Keystone’s Superior Green Panels are available in thicknesses of 1/4”, 3/8”, and 5/8” with any panel raise. (Reverse panels will be 7/16” thick.)

The cabinet doors and drawer fronts we manufacture can be ordered as unfinished or finished by Keystone’s professional on-site finishing department.

Our finishing services for cabinetry components include:

  • Staining
  • Painting
  • Glazing
  • Antiquing
  • Custom Color Match Services

You have several different options for placing door orders at Keystone Wood Specialties.

No matter how your cabinet door order comes into Keystone, every order is reviewed by two different Customer Service Associates before going into production.


Top Door as Shown:
SRP-10 / Paint Grade (Superior Green) in White Satin / Square Lip-Edge / Traditional Framing Bead / Reverse Raise Panel

Middle Door as Shown:
SRP-10 / Hard Maple with Natural Finish / Q-2 Lip-Edge / Traditional Framing Bead / Regular Raise Panel

Bottom Door as Shown:
SRP-10 / Hard Maple with Autumn Brown Stain / Q-2 Lip-Edge / Legacy Framing Bead  / 1/4″ Panel