Keystone Wood Specialties reaches 50-year milestone

Keystone Wood Specialties is pleased to announce that 2022 marks its 50th anniversary.

Founded by Samuel D. Stoltzfus in 1972, the company – first known as S.D. Stoltzfus Cabinet Shop – was a one-man cabinet making shop operated by Sam. Originally, he bought his doors from a different supplier, and his father, brothers and a friend would install the kitchens. In 1975, Sam began making his own cabinet doors and the name changed to Keystone Custom Kitchens. In 1977, Sam saw an opportunity to grow into manufacturing cabinet components and stopped making cabinets altogether.

As Sam had stated in the past, “That was a big switch, because it was like starting all over again. It was tough going for a couple years, to bring everything to the quality level we wanted.”

At this point the company name changed to Keystone Wood Specialties and began adding other product lines such as drawer boxes and face frames. Over the next 50 years Keystone Wood Specialties grew to a 60,000 square-foot-facility with 75 employees, and offers a comprehensive line of cabinetry components to customers across the country in the custom cabinet, furniture, and remodeling industries.

Along the way, Keystone was recognized for its business practices and leadership.

  • From 1996 to 1998, Sam served as president of the Wood Products Manufacturers Association.
  • In 2003, the company became SHARP certified, and was awarded as one of the Safest Companies in America in 2005.
  • In 2006, Sam Stoltzfus was honored for his hard work and dedication when he received the woodworking industry’s prestigious Jerry Metz award that recognizes four areas of excellence in manufacturing that its namesake was known for: safety, training, quality, and productivity.
  •  In 2020, Nick Stoltzfus was named to the Wood Industry 40 Under 40 List.

As 2020 drew to a close, Keystone experienced a major shift with the passing of founder and president Sam.

Sam’s son Nick Stoltzfus took on the role of president in 2021. “As Keystone, along with everyone in our industry, was dealing with the impacts of the pandemic, we were also grieving the loss of our founder and president and finding our path forward through transition in leadership. My dad built the foundation of this company on his strong work ethics, values and beliefs, and I credit our employees’ dedication to those founding principles with our ability to navigate the past two years. Thanks to the perseverance and hard work of our team and the loyal support of our customers, 2021 turned into one of our most successful years to date,” says Nick Stoltzfus.

So what do the next 50 years hold for Keystone Wood Specialties?

  • Keystone launched the Essentials Laminate Collection featuring laminate cabinet doors, drawer fronts and flexible laminate veneer in 2021, which it plans to grow in the coming years.
  • They are implementing continuous process improvement strategies across all areas of production, with a new a manufacturing engineer on staff to lead that effort.
  • They are investing in new equipment and technology that the company believes will be a game changer in increasing product quality and customer satisfaction.

However, in Nick’s opinion, one of the most important things Keystone has done to prepare the company for the future is to develop a company Purpose Statement:
To help people find enjoyment in their work

Nick reflects, “In the bible in the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon comes to this conclusion, ‘There is nothing better for a person than he should eat, and drink and find enjoyment in his toil.’ I believe Keystone can offer this opportunity to our employees and help our customers and vendors also find enjoyment in their work through their relationships with us. All of our actions and decisions will be guided by the Purpose of helping people find enjoyment in their work. The reality is that my father started Keystone 50 years ago with that same thinking and it will continue to lead us through the next 50.”

With operations in Lancaster, Pa, Keystone Wood Specialties Inc. is a family-owned wholesale manufacturer of wood components serving the custom cabinet, furniture, and remodeling industries since 1972.