New and Improved False Louver Cabinet Door

Louver cabinet doors can serve several practical and aesthetic purposes in interior design. These doors add visual interest to cabinetry, and the slatted design can bring a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to kitchens and bathrooms.  The classic look of a louvered cabinet door lends itself well to coastal or cottage-style décors.

Keystone Wood Specialties offers an Open Louver cabinet door and False Louver cabinet door design. Both doors are similar in appearance and they offer different benefits specific to their design.

Open Louver Cabinet Door
The Open Louver cabinet door design features horizontal slats that are secured in place, but include a small space – or open area – between each slat. The open design allows ventilation and air flow while still maintaining a sense a privacy for the contents of the cabinet.

False Louver Cabinet Door
The False Louver cabinet design features horizontal slats that are also secured in place, but with no opening between each slat. This design prevents drafts or dust from getting into the cabinets and can reduce the amount of cleaning needed inside the cabinet.

New and Improved False Louver Cabinet Door Design

We’ve recently made improvements to our False Louver cabinet door design to build in more stability and quality.

  1. The louvers are now slightly closer to the face of the door – only .062″ from the frame. On our previous doors, the louvers were .125″ from the face of the door.
  2. With the new design, the panel behind the false louvers is now 1/4″ thick. Previously the panel had been 1/8″ thick with spacers.
  3. The angle of the louvers has changed slightly which provides more allowance for expansion/contraction without a visible gap.

Keystone Wood Specialties’ louver cabinet doors are built with cope and stick construction and can be customized to your size and design specs. Doors can be ordered unfinished or finished by our professional finishing department.

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