Tips for Designing With Farmhouse Cabinet Doors

Farmhouse Kitchen design continues to be a popular trend. There are many different elements that can be used to give a kitchen that farmhouse look. Strategically incorporating farmhouse cabinet doors into the design is an easy way to give a kitchen a welcoming, country-esque feel.

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Here are some helpful tips and things to consider when designing with Farmhouse Cabinet Doors.


  1. Where can the Farmhouse doors be used to provide a design accent?
  2. Why not use the Farmhouse Design on the entire kitchen?
  3. Is too much of a good thing, really a good thing?
  4. What role does proportion play when designing with an X shape?

Main points to remember

  • Farmhouse doors were designed and intended for use as an accent piece.
    Think salt. Too little and your food is bland; too much and your food is
    inedible; you want to accent with just the right amount. Don’t overdo it.
  • Based on where the main entrances are in the kitchen, decide what the
    primary focal point will be: The fridge? The range hood? A pantry? An island
    back or end? Use that as a guide to place the Farmhouse Design where
    appropriate. Ultimately, let your customer decide what they are most
    comfortable with.
  • This design does lend itself more to some species/finishes than others. Paints
    and knotty, rustic wood tones work very will with this design.
  • It’s important to have a well-proportioned X. Don’t stretch it too high or too
    wide, it will look disproportionate and it will detract from the design. You can
    adjust the width of the stiles or rails to help adjust the proportion, or you can
    make multiple panels wide/high. If two panels high, the top can be a typical
    flat panel (no X).