SK-10-DF order as SRP-10-DF

Choose = This element of the design can be customized.
Stock = This is a standard element of the design that cannot be changed.


Design: SK-10-DF Drawer Front (Shaker) - Now order as SRP-10-DF with Square Framing Bead and Raised Panel

Framing Bead: Square

Panel Type: Regular Raise

Wood Species: Hard Maple

Lip/Edge Profile: Square

Finish: Natural

This drawer front name is no longer in use.

To achieve this look, now order SRP-10-DF with Square Framing Bead and Raised Panel.


Door Construction & Specifications

How To Customize a Door

Doors and Drawer Fronts finish at 0.780" thick
Our standard for 5/4 material finishes at 1.00"
Unless otherwise noted, standard rail/stile widths are as follows:

  • Doors have 2 1/4" rails and stiles.
  • Drawer fronts have 1 1/2" rails and 2 1/4” stiles.

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