Walnut Quarantine

The Quarantine on Black Walnut Material Does Not Affect Keystone

On November 3rd, due to the presence of Thousand Cankers Disease, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture enacted a quarantine restricting the transport of certain black walnut products and hardwood firewood from six counties in Southeast Pennsylvania including our own Lancaster County, as reported in PRNewswire and USNewswire. The disease affects black walnut trees, and poses no threat to humans or wildlife.

It is important to note that the article clarifies, “Nuts, processed lumber and finished wood products without bark are exempt from the quarantine.” That means products manufactured by Keystone Wood Specialties are not affected, and are completely safe.
•  All our components, finished or unfinished, are made from processed lumber.
•  Keystone is experiencing no shortage of processed black walnut lumber.
•  We can still attend to your orders with the same service and quality you have come to expect.

We continue to provide uninterrupted service to our customers.

More details:

Lancaster County is among six Pennsylvania counties who are under a quarantine by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture along with Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia and Berks Counties. The disease, which has no known cure, is spread by tiny twig beetles that bore under the bark of black walnut trees carrying the fungus with it. Pennsylvania is one among numerous states that have quarantines in place for the disease.

The restriction prohibits the transporting out of the quarantined area of “nursery stock, budwood, scionwood, green lumber and firewood. It also covers other walnut material living, dead, cut or fallen including stumps, roots, branches, mulch and composted and uncomposted chips.” And because cut and split firewood is so hard to identify by species, all hardwood firewood is affected as well.

You can read more here.